John Cummings, Republican Party, NY-14


  1. What should be the role of science and scientists in government policy- and decision-making?

Good science should be the basis of all policy decisions and it is should NOT be politicized


  1. What have you learned from the coronavirus pandemic? What policy changes should be made to both prevent and respond to future pandemics in a more effective way?

I think the Federal System served the Nation quite well as the outbreak was so different in so many places. Again, less politicization is the key.


  1. What are your policy priorities to address the ongoing climate crisis? How would these policies impact other systems, if any (e.g. economy, agriculture, education)?

In my immediate district, we are looking at additional modes of Mass Transit and Ferry
Service, both of which would alleviate road congestion.


  1. Do you support the Green New Deal? Why or why not? If you support transitioning our economy away from fossil fuel dependence, how will you support workers who will need to transition to different industries?

Absolutely NOT. It is socialism in another guise.


  1. What should our education system, from K-12 to higher ed, be doing to prepare students to be adaptable critical thinkers, especially considering the challenges of climate change, misinformation, and work at the human-technology frontier?

Too many of today’s children lack analytical skills simply because they are not allowed to be children. There is far too socialization, monitoring, and coddling of our children, all of which manifests itself in their abilities to think both critically and analytically.


  1. To what extent are you concerned about the threat of climate change in disrupting agriculture in New York State in the coming decades? What, if any, policy changes should be made to ensure our farms are resilient?

The Climate is ever changing and farmers are quite capable of making needed adjustments.


  1. Restrictions and suspensions of new work visas, especially for high-skilled workers in science and technology fields, could affect scientific progress and innovation. Do you agree with these restrictions? Why or why not?

During this pandemic, I agree with the restrictions as there are far too many Americans out of work who can easily fill those spots.


  1. What is your position on the 1996 Dickey Amendment? What role should the federal government take in addressing issues relating to gun violence?

I believe that the CDC needs to concentrate on issues like pandemics rather than gun control.